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Trend of fewer DDoS attacks also continues in third quarter

The trend we have seen since the last quarter of 2021, a decline in DDoS attacks, has continued into the third quarter of 2022. Good news you would say. Not exactly, the number of DDoS attacks in three quarters of 2022, is still more than in all of 2020. However, the forecast is that there will be fewer DDoS attacks this year than last year.

Decrease in total amount of DDoS attacks

Compared to Q1 2022 (666), we see a decrease in the number of DDoS attacks. In last quarter, we recorded 442 DDoS attacks, compared to 514 in Q2 of this year. There were two notable attacks this quarter. One attack lasted longer than 4 days and one attack had 360 Mpps. It is also worth noting that over a quarter of the attacks this quarter were ‘DNS Amplification’ attacks.

What is an ‘DNS Amplification’ attack?

A DNS Amplification attack is a DDoS attack in which an attacker uses open DNS resolvers to flood a server or network with an amplified (amplified) amount of traffic, rendering the server and surrounding infrastructure inaccessible..

Curious about the latest figures? Download the latest DDoS infographic now with figures from Q3 2022: