Do not pay criminals that threaten with DDoS-attacks

Recently, businesses have been receiving emails and WhatsApp messages sent by cyber criminals threatening to mount a DDoS attack on their company. The DDoS attack can only be stopped if a certain amount of bitcoins is paid before a certain date.

Previously, cyber criminals did not follow through on these threats if those addressed did not pay. Currently, we observe companies are attacked if no payment is made. We also see that cyber criminals force companies to transfer an amount before a certain date. After this date, they increase the amount requested each day, and if a company fails to pay again, they threaten to carry out the DDoS attack on a certain date.

Do not pay in case of threats!

NBIP advises companies that receive these types of threats not to pay. If you do pay, there is no guarantee that your organization will be safe from DDoS attacks by the same agents in the future. In fact, if you do pay cyber criminals, they will contact you later because they know they can earn money from your business.

If your company has an (own) anti-DDoS solution, you are protected against DDoS attacks. Contact your proider if you do not have such a solution at your disposal. You can also send us an email so we can discuss what you can do to mitigate this threat.

Information gathering

If cybercriminals approach your organization and threaten to launch a DDoS attack, it is important to gather as much information as possible. Contact your provider to let them know you are being threatened, or send us an email. NaWas by NBIP will start an investigation based on your information and will call in the authorities if necessary.