Large Scale DDoS attacks on ISP’s hitting 300Gbit/s

NaWas has detected new levels of DDoS attacks pointed towards the infrastructure of Internet Service Providers. Multiple attacks were aimed towards routers and Domainsname Server –Infra Structure of Benelux based ISP’s, most of them were DNS amplification- and Ldap-type of attacks. Remarkable facts are longer duration and peak levels of traffic used in attempts to bring down the infrastructure. Some of the attacks took longer than 4 hours and hit close to 300Gbit/s in volume.

The DDoS attacks took place at Caiway, among others, the provider confirms. Earlier on Tuesday morning, other provider Delta suffered from an outage caused by a DDoS attack. Furthermore, a major attack on Signet took place on Tuesday afternoon. Signet also manages infrastructure for TransIP. Their customers also had disruptions due to that attack, although they have now been resolved.The forum of the Belgian ISP EDPNet even talks about of up to 200Gbit/s. This provider has had DDoS attacks for five days in a row (courtesy to Tweakers).

Also businesses outside Benelux were attacked during last week and suffered outage of Internet Services. Nawas was able to connect multiple new members in short time to fight DDoS and make the Internet more safe. Recently NaWas expanded presence to London at the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Italy with IT.Gate connecting to Top-IX and others.

New methods of filtering and scrubbing through a “Washing Street” build of multiple and different cleaning devices managed to keep the damages as limited as possible to control this new wave of attacks in the best way.

NaWas by NBIP is non-profit based community driven Scrubbing Center from Netherlands connected through AMS-IX, LINX and other large Internet Exchanges. NaWas presence at Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), NL-IX and DcSpine offers multiple ways to connect ISP’s in Europe.