The NBIP web portal is live: more insights


In our mission to share more knowledge, we have launched a new web portal for our participants. On you now have access to insightful data about your business – and you can easily adjust your own contact and communication details.

It is in our best interest that all NBIP participants remain well informed. So we are proactively providing our participants with relevant tools. This way you are always up to date with insights about the market and your own company.


In the new web portal, Lawful Interception participants can view and modify their own data and have access to an overview of the number of wiretap claims per month.

Participants of the NaWas of course can also view and change their own data. They can also submit a request to adjust their Flow data settings. They also have access to an overview and reports of DDoS attacks.

We hope that our participants will make eager use of our new web portal The NBIP is constantly working to promote the sharing of knowledge, both with and among participants. More initiatives will follow soon – we will keep you informed.