NaWas Tech Session – March 30

Learn more about NaWas anti-DDoS tech in this interactive webinar!

As we see the usage of NaWas users grow every day, we would like to invite you for a webinar about our NaWas technology.
The NBIP shares behind the scene knowledge and offers assistance when needed. Doing this from an ‘united we stand and share knowledge’ principle, these are the pillars on which the NaWas is built.

Based on these principles, we organize the NaWas tech webinar on March 30 at 14.00 hrs CET, which is made by and for technicians. In this session we answer all your (technical) questions about our anti-DDoS Detection & Mitigation technology and highlight that a bigger network of users will lead to lower costs for the user.

Who is the NaWas Tech session for?

  • System engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Security officers
  • Other technical users of the NaWas

Technical functionality of NaWaS

During this 90 minutes English webinar Pim van Stam, Security Specialist at NBIP, will handle the technical ins and outs of our platform and will also answer your questions.

Wee will highlight the technical functionality of NaWas and discuss technical issues such as:

  • How does the NaWas technology work
  • How to connect and how to divert the traffic which is generated during a DDoS attack
  • Tooling for DDoS attack detection