Lawful interception
Executing wiretapping warrants

Since 2002, under the Dutch Telecommunications Act, Internet providers have been obliged to implement technical measures that make it possible to tap their services. The equipment required for this is expensive, and the cost is almost entirely borne by the providers.

The introduction of this law was a reason for creating the NBIP.

Purchasing this expensive wiretapping equipment jointly with a large number of members makes it affordable for all providers – including small ones – to comply with the legal requirements.

The wiretapping services that the NBIP offers
The NBIP takes over the entire process of executing wiretapping warrants. Our services include:

  • a digital service desk for accepting and processing wiretapping warrants. The NBIP checks the legal and procedural correctness of the warrant.
  • the execution of a wiretapping warrant – the NBIP drives a mobile tapping system to the site and carries out the wiretap completely.
  • support in drawing up a draft security and continuity plan and setting up the systems for the Centraal Informatiepunt Onderzoek Telecommunicatie [Central Information Point for Telecommunications Investigations] (CIOT).

The benefits at a glance

  • No major investments
  • Lower annual expenses than doing it yourself
  • Checking the correctness of the warrant
  • No expertise required
  • Scalable

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