Lawful interception

As a provider of communication services in the Netherlands, you have various responsibilities, including complying with the interception obligation stated in the Telecommunications Act. This means that you need to be “intercept-capable” for law enforcement agencies. We can take care of this obligation on your behalf and manage the entire communication process for over 100 small and medium-sized ISPs and VoIP providers for an annual fee.

In addition to our interception service, we also offer support for various legal requests and facilitate the connection with the Central Information Point for Telecommunications Investigation (CIOT).

Together with our members, we assess the appropriate placement of an interception system and conduct testing to ensure that we can implement an interception within 24 hours for a valid request.


  • No significant investments required
  • Lower annual costs compared to self-management
  • Verification of request accuracy
  • No expertise needed
  • Scalable solutions

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