The NBIP offers supporting services to internet providers – because we’re smarter and stronger together

As an internet provider, you are confronted with legal requirements and you must ensure adequate protection against security risks. In this area, it’s sometimes smart to organise these things cooperatively. The NBIP was founded in 2002 exactly for this purpose. Non-profitable, and based on the principle ‘stronger together’. This way we can ensure a safe and secure internet.

Thanks to the NBIP, you don’t need to make major investments for something you only need once in a while, or perhaps never at all.

Many ISPs have now joined the six original founders from 2002, and the NBIP has grown into a renowned organisation.

It’s time to join us too. This means that you as an ISP – large or small – will have some major issues dealt with in an accessible and cost-efficient way.

And what’s more: the more companies participate, the lower the rates will be and the more powerful the solutions will become!