About the NBIP

The Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organization (Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers, or NBIP for short) is a unique initiative of Internet providers that goes under the motto “Smarter and stronger together”. The NBIP is an independent non-profit organization that contributes to a safer Internet by jointly purchasing expensive facilities that are only occasionally needed.


  • Contributing jointly to a secure Internet
  • Non-profit
  • Making use of each other’s expertise
  • Sharing knowledge

The NBIP was established in 2002 by a group of Internet service providers, as an institute for implementing wiretapping warrants as stipulated in the Dutch Telecommunications Act.

Since then, the organization has become a reliable institution with a growing number of members. In addition to wiretapping services, the NBIP also offers the well-known NaWas, one of the largest anti-DDoS systems in Europe.

The NBIP attaches great importance to sharing knowledge. We conduct surveys, speak at events, inform members regularly about new developments, and organize meetings where members can swap their experiences.

In addition, the NBIP consults closely with the government on its areas of interest.