About the NBIP

The Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organisation (Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers, NBIP), provides supporting services to internet providers, in areas in which it is simply smarter and more economical to do things together.

Basic principles

  • Working together on a secure internet
  • Non-profit. Participants get their money back when income exceeds outgoings
  • Making use of each other’s expertise
  • Sharing knowledge


The NBIP was founded in 2002 by a group of six internet service providers, initially as an institute for executing wiretapping warrants as established in the Netherlands Telecommunications Act.

The organisation has now grown into a trusted name with a growing number of participants for its services. In addition to wiretapping services, the NBIP offers the renowned NaWas, one of the largest DDoS combating systems in Europe.

The NBIP places a high premium on sharing knowledge. We carry out studies, speak at events, regularly inform participants on new developments and organise meetings at which participants can exchange experiences.

Furthermore, the NBIP acts as an interlocutor for governmental authorities on the subjects it is occupied with.