Under DDoS attack?

If your organization is the victim of a DDoS attack, quick action may be required. Due to a DDoS attack, your website(s) and other online systems may not be properly accessible. As a current or new member of NBIP, you can call upon the NaWas anti-DDoS service, which can help your organization mitigate the attack and get your systems back up and running.

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    In case of (suspected) DDoS attack, we advise you to follow the roadmap below:

    • Send an email explaining the situation to the NaWas team at bureau@connect.nbip.nl
    • Inform all key people in your organization about the (possible) DDoS attack and that this could potentially lead to outages of online services and website(s).
    • Inform your customers, suppliers and partners about the possible outage of systems.
    • Disconnect attacked servers from the public Internet (if possible). The hardware will then no longer go down due to an overload of data packets.
    • Record all events of the DDoS attack as quickly and accurately as possible in a log or log file. This will put you in a stronger position if your organization wants to put an insurance claim. After the attack, report the attack to the police.
    • After the initial contact with the NaWas team, we will send you our Service Agreement and Registration Form. Sign these forms and send them to bureau@connect.nbip.nl. Then, the support team will contact you to start the connection process.

    What you should NOT do when under DDoS attack?

    In the event of a DDoS attack, there are a number of things that you should definitely not do. During a DDoS attack, a panic situation can arise in which there is a chance that organizations will take unwise actions that could ultimately cause even more damage.

    In any case, it is important NOT to try to contact the potential attacker or hacker group behind the DDoS attack. This may actually cause people to demand money to supposedly stop the attack.