The NBIP is a foundation, with a director, the Board, and a Board of Members.

The Board is the foundation’s decision-making body and meets at least twice a year.

NBIP Governance Center
The Governance Center provides support services for NaWas, Lawful interception and Clean Networks Platform, including financial administration, office tasks, and administrative support.

NBIP Operations Center
The Operations Center serves as the technical core of our operational services for NaWas, Tap Services, and Clean Networks Platform.

NBIP Knowledge Center
At NBIP, we value the sharing of knowledge. We conduct research, speak at events, inform members about new developments, and organize meetings where participants can exchange experiences. We do this with dedication and without profit motive.

We are a co-founder and actively involved in the Anti-DDoS Coalition and the Anti-Abuse Network. Additionally, we have partnerships with organizations such as NCSC, Digital Trust Center, SIDN Labs, SIDN Fonds, EZK, JenV, Connect2Trust, and het Nederlands Security Meldpunt.


L. (Ludo) Baauw – Chairman

M. (Margreth) Verhulst – Secretary

T. (Tjebbe) de Winter – Treasurer

M. (Mike) Janssen – Board Member

R. (Rick) Sulman – Board Member


O. (Octavia) de Weerdt – Managing Director