R&D projects

R&D project – Anti-DDoS for independent networks

Applicant: Netherlands Association of Registrars (VvR)

The National anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center (NaWas) provides on-demand security against DDoS attacks for ISPs with an independent network (possessing their own AS number).

However, there are a large number of hosting parties (including some VvR members) who do not have their own independent network and take their internet connection from an ISP that does not offer an anti-DDoS solution, but who do want to organise this. Due to geographical location, pricing or other services, they cannot just switch to another party that does offer anti-DDoS. But organising your own anti-DDoS is far too costly.

What’s more, these parties really want to contribute to combating DDoS, the way the NBIP does within the NaWas service. No commercial prices and geared to sharing knowledge so that DDoS attacks (with the botnets) can be efficiently combated and perhaps even eliminated from the world. To solve this problem, NaWas and the VvR are examining whether these hosters can be connected to NaWas (cost-efficiently) and how. This project was initiated with the help of the SIDN fund (Aug. 2017).

R&D project – DDoS pattern recognition

In response to demand from participants, the NBIP initiated a project in late 2015 to create a DDoS recognition tool and specify a uniform DDoS nomenclature.

This project is jointly supported by the SIDN fund, which provides financial support to projects that contribute to “a strong internet for everyone”.

These are the main objectives of the project:

  • setting up a uniform DDoS nomenclature as the basis for uniform reporting on DDoS attacks
  • development of a pattern recognition tool that automatically recognises and reports on the type of DDoS
  • create a pattern-recognition environment that recognises the booter or botnets behind the DDoS attacks

Comprehensive information can be found on the project website.