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November 24th, Houten – NaWas by NBIP offers an on-demand service to combat DDoS attacks to small, medium and large Internet and VoIP providers in Europe. This helps to avoid large investments and access more powerful weapons to fend off DDoS attacks. NaWas is a sector initiative from NBIP community based on a not-for-profit concept. NaWas has over 125 participant in Europe using the service daily.

Equinix Fabric is a software-defined interconnection service that allows any business to connect its own distributed infrastructure to any other company’s infrastructure on Platform Equinix across a globally connected network.

The on-demand, software-defined interconnections that Fabric enables across Platform Equinix® power your success by increasing the security, speed, flexibility and agility of your entire digital infrastructure. Deliver value in new ways while lowering the cost and burden of managing all of your infrastructure connections yourself through one connection to the world. Equinix Fabric is available in 50+ metros on five continents.

Cris Castroianni (Managed Services) and Guido Coenders (Global Solution Architecture): NaWas is an important addition to the services we run on the Fabric. NaWas is unique because of its community based concept to fight DDoS and adds great value to the ecosystem available on the Fabric. For NaWas Fabric opens up its availability all over Europe in a very simple and cost effective way. Departments of Equinix are using NaWas as well to full satisfaction.

NaWas can be found on the Equinix marketplace or direct on Equinix Fabric portal. Of course direct contact to NaWas is always possible.