Decrease DDoS attacks Q1 2022, concern about increase smaller attacks

NaWas/NBIP presents the DDoS infographic containing the most important trends and figures about DDoS attacks.

The most recent figures show that the duration of DDoS attacks is decreasing. At the end of 2021, NaWas recorded 12 attacks lasting longer than 4 hours. In the past quarter, 6 attacks of the same duration were noted. At the surface, this halving is a positive development in the battle against DDoS attacks as organisations will experience fewer DDoS attacks with a long duration.

Increase in smaller DDoS attacks

In comparison with Q4 2021 (142), we see an increase in the number of ‘smaller’ DDoS attacks with a size of <1 Gbps: 204 DDoS attacks. Last year, we also saw a significant increase in these attacks in the first quarter, only to weaken again in the upcoming months/ Unfortunately, based on previous trends, we see that the number of larger attacks (1-10, 10-20, 20-40 and >40 Gbps) could increase later this year. For this reason, NaWas will keep an eye on this development.

Not a trend, but the appearance of IPSweep attacks is striking

IP sweep also known as ICMP sweep attack occurs when the attacker sends ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol) echo requests to multiple destination addresses. If a target host replies to these requests, the reply reveals the targets IP address to the attacker. IP sweep is aimed at determining which range of IP addresses map to live hosts.

Find out more in our infographic with all the numbers and figures from Q1 2022.

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