NaWas protects ISPs in the United Kingdom against DDoS attacks

NaWas has also recently started to protect ISPs in the United Kingdom against DDoS attacks. NaWas is an independent best-of-class multi-vendor solution that can detect DDoS attacks in real time and immediately diverts network traffic to its own scrubbing centre. This centralised anti-DDoS service has been protecting most .nl domains effectively for many years and is now also available in the United Kingdom through a partnership with local medium-sized ISPs.

NaWas is the result of a successful international partnership. An increasing number of ISPs is working in partnership with universities, R&D institutions and vendors through NBIP, to effectively withstand DDoS attacks. As result of that NaWas can offer the most cost-effective best-of-class solution, including 24/7 support and detailed reports.

Protecting against larger and more complex DDoS attacks

“We can offer more powerful services for lower costs, because more and more ISPs have joined us in the whole of Europe,” says Frank Dupker, from NaWas by NBIP. “Our mission is to better protect ISPs in Europe against greater and more complex DDoS attacks using the latest technology and connections with all large networks.”

The Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organisation (Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers, or NBIP for short) is a unique initiative of Internet providers that collaborate under the motto “Smarter and stronger together”. We are an independent non-profit organisation that contributes to a safer Internet by jointly purchasing expensive facilities that are only occasionally needed. A very successful example of such facilities is NaWas, an on-demand service to fight DDoS attacks in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This enables individual ISPs or VoIP providers to avoid large investments and access more powerful weapons to fend off DDoS attacks.

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