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Number of small DDoS attacks as well as total number of attacks grew in Q4 2023

The Dutch National Scrubbing Center (NaWas) protects participants against DDoS attacks. Besides protection, NaWas offers valuable insights about the changing landscape of DDoS. To better combat these malicious attacks, we share our up-to-date knowledge with interested parties. Together we stand strong against DDoS attacks. 

The number of small attacks is still growing, as is the total number of attacks compared to earlier quarters of 2023. This includes a notable growth in the number of attacks lasting less than 15 minutes.

In addition, layer 7 attacks are a new trend to be alert to. This type of attack targets the application layer and is targeted to take specific services off the air. This type of attack is deployed by hacktivist groups interfering in, or reacting to geopolitical affairs.

Because the geopolitical situation is volatile and continues to become more complex, with new developments almost daily at the time of writing, it is obvious that we will continue to see new developments in DDoS. In this regard, innovations such as new types of attacks can be expected, making it imperative to remain vigilant and respond quickly to the competition going on in this area.

Curious about the latest figures? Download the latest DDoS infographic now with figures from Q4 2023: