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Significantly more smaller and new attacks detected in Q3 2023

The Dutch National Scrubbing Center (NaWas) protects participants against DDoS attacks. Besides protection, NaWas offers valuable insights about the changing landscape of DDoS. To better combat these malicious attacks, we share our up-to-date knowledge with interested parties. Together we stand strong against DDoS attacks.

Despite a slight decrease in the number of DDoS attacks in Q3 compared to Q2 (maybe hackers went on vacation?), the threat landscape remains grim. Newer attack types like HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Attack and DDOS Tsunami are becoming more prevalent.

Mitigating such attacks now takes more time and heavily relies on behavioral-based traffic analysis. An additional line of defense is implementing “rate limiting” methods.

In the geopolitical arena, there has been significant activity. Pro-Hamas actors have frequently targeted Israeli entities, mostly government websites, and proudly claimed their successes on platforms like Telegram. Concerningly, there’s a rising number of attacks from previously less active ‘friendly’ ideological groups, including Russian hacktivist groups.

Curious about the latest figures? Download the latest DDoS infographic now with figures from Q3 2023: