Webinar ‘collective DDoS Detection & Mitigation’

More than ever, we depend on the Internet. Many of us have to work, socialize and find our entertainment at home. Businesses rely on their networks to keep things going. This also means DDoS attacks are more disrupting than ever.

Thankfully, NBIP’s NaWas offers an advanced, cost-effective and off-the-shelf solution for DDoS detection and mitigation. On May 7th 2020 we organized our first webinar on this topic.

During this webinar, we briefly discussed how ISPs, hosting providers and online service providers can achieve advanced DDoS-protection without large upfront investments, denying cybercriminals the capability to disturb online services and networks. Did you miss this webinar or would you like to look back at it again at your leisure? Then please watch the video below.

In this webinar we also showed what is happening in this specific period of time on DDoS-attacks and displayed this in the infographic below.